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Vicki Danser

Vicki has over 22 years of in-hospital nursing care experience in a variety of specialties.  These specialty areas cover a variety of OB/GYN and surgical roles that include experience in staff and leadership.  Read More…


Legal ChronologiesTimelines produced by legal nurse consultants for medical malpractice cases are graphic representations of the pertinent facts in a case. Timelines are helpful in understanding events and trends for a particular subject. Typically, they are used to show periods of time between two events. 

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legal-nurse-consultant-meetingChronologies: One of our most frequently requested legal nurse services is the chronology. At Legal Nurse Services LLC we produce chronologies that show the series of events (taken from the medical record document) that led to and possibly contributed to the medical malpractice issue(s). Read More


Legal Nurse ConsultantsLegal Nurse Services LLC provides medical research that supports the facts and issues in your medical malpractice cases. This medical research consists of either finding articles in medical journals that address standards of care issues or finding information that explains medical conditions. The research used to explain medical conditions is requested most often. Read More…


Medical Expert Witness LocatorAn expert witness is a specialist in a subject who is qualified by evidence of his/her demonstrated expertise which is acquired through specialized knowledge, education, training, skill, and experience. The expert witness opinion is considered to be part of the facts presented for a medical malpractice case. Read More

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